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The fund was established on the 26th of June 1997 with the primary objective of protecting childhood and seeing the UN Convention of Children's Rights fulfilled on the territory of the Chechen Republic of Ichkeria. Since the time of the Fund's foundation the total amount of its aid to children has been estimated at $1,200,000 (one million eight hundred thousand US dollars). That includes treatment of seriously ill children in clinics of various Russia's regions, prosthesis of limbs, humanitarian aid to orphanages, boarding schools, personal aid to orphans, disabled children, families with low income having many children by providing food, clothes, medications etc. As we have a set of charity projects and programmes protecting the interests of children and teenagers, currently the activities of the Fund are restricted to dealing with the problems of creating minimal healthy living conditions for orphans, disabled children, those who come from big families with low income that found themselves between the warring sides, within the areas of operations, and who are in need of social and medical rehabilitation. The Programmes of the fund are not those aimed at achieving the national level, but they are oriented to prioritising the needs and welfare of children. And the organisation will attempt to make a certain contribution by solving the problems of socially unprotected children. The children registered by the Charity to Children Fund: disabled children - 1877 children with disabilities caused by war - 347 amputees - 88 half-orphans - 21.219 orphans - 1019 Under the conditions of social and economic crisis the problems of children in the Chechen Republic have become especially acute and it has become vitally necessary to start solving them. Unfavourable trends of demography and the deterioration of the health of children are increasing. There are families with 5-7 children diagnosed as having cerebral palsy, oligophrenia. Cot death rate remains very high. Infantile disease incidence is growing and there is one more category of children: those disabled by war. Cases of delivery of a dead baby have become more frequent. There is a very high percentage of babies born with handicaps and infirmities. The nutrition of children has worsened, especially in big families. Proper recreation and treatment is limited. The problem of orphanhood is getting more pressing; children's homelessness and crime is on the rise. Standards of living in the Chechen Republic are the lowest in Russia and the countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States, with almost absolute unemployment of the population able to work and the highest mortality with a high birth rate. In 1996 in the Chechen republic 8849 disabled children were registered, and a considerable number of them were diagnosed as having nervous diseases. The recent five years in the republic have been notable for the collapse of the system of social adaptation of children. During the war virtually all systems of medical, social, psychological adaptation of children, educational institutions, nursery schools as well as holiday camps were destroyed. There is no fully equipped children's rehabilitation centre in the republic. The Charity to Children Fund is unable to solve issues of state but it shall try to make everything possible in order to protect the rights of the child and see the UN Convention of Children's Rights filfilled on the territory of the Chechen Republic.
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