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The implementation of the Programmes will make it possible to ensure the improvement of health care, reduction of disease incidence and death rate, infantile disabilities, will provide proper nutrition for children, liquidate homelessness as well as give disabled children education and proper living conditions.

The adaptation of orphans will facilitate the implementation on the territory of the Chechen Republic of Ichkeria of the world declaration for survival protection and development of socially unprotected children in the 1990s.

The Charity to Children Fund does not have enough funds to implement the Programmes. On account of the poor economic conditions in the Chechen Republic of Ichkeria it is impossible now to change anything radically. There is virtually no investment coming into the republic today. The life of children, and not only children, currently is catastrophic, and the matter admits of no delay.

In view of all these circumstances the Charity to Children Fund is addressing you now, ladies and gentleman, leaders of states, bankers and businessmen, directors of enterprises, heads of organisations, ordinary citizens who want to make a contribution in order to solve the problems set forth in the Programmes of the Fund. The happy faces of children will a reward for this noble deed.

Any kind of help is welcome. And we provide full account of how the money is spent. The Fund is looking for partners in any region of the world for cooperation. The fund is ready to give consideration to any offer from you and provide a comprehensive programme concerning any issue you are interested in.

The fund has got documentation as well as video recordings of the children's tragedy. To solve the issues our representatives can at any time convenient to you either come to you or invite you securing your full safety.

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